What to expect in a class

One of the great things about Qigong is that the more you practice, let go of perfection and allow yourself to enjoy the practise the greater the benefits you can experience.  

My classes are friendly and relaxed. We start with some gentle warm up exercises, then do a form or two to work on balance. I then teach some forms that we go on to practise as a sequence, with little instruction from me, to get more of a meditative effect.

To further enhance the stress relieving aspect of the class I provide a short guided meditation at the end of each session for which people sit or lie down. I provide mats, cushions and blankets.  (If you don’t enjoy guided meditation it is fine to leave before it starts.)

Almost all qigong forms can be adapted to suit the individual.  I encourage everyone to enjoy their practice and to do what works for them.

Qigong is a practice of self care, it’s an opportunity to relax your mind, reconnect with your body and treat yourself to some gentle exercise that is beneficial in many different ways.  Regular practise can bring a whole range of mental, physical and emotional benefits.